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The Qingzang Railway was opened in July 2006 and links the western province of Qinghai to Tibet. The 1,143km section from Golmud to Lhasa is an astonishing engineering feat, the highest railroad ever built. It passes through the harsh landscapes of the Kunlun Mountains, past glaciers and along a plateau of permafrost. Over 80% of the line is above 4,000 metres, with the highest point at 5,072 metres through the Tanggula Pass (the world's highest piece of track) and the world's highest tunnel, Fenghoushan, at 4,905 metres. The scenery from on board is breathtaking, with glaciers, snow-capped peaks and the deep blue sky just some of the attractions. The track includes 283 viaducts (the longest is 11km) with the journey taking 11 hours to complete. The specially designed trains are pressure sealed, have tinted windows to protect against ultra-violet rays and oxygen supplies to help passengers cope with altitude sickness - individuals with heart disease or high blood pressure are not allowed to travel on the railway. The entire journey from Beijing to Lhasa, via Golmud, takes two days.

Location: China

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